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Touching base here

Keeping the dream alive.

Oh, I remember you.

It seems like every year or so I remember this place. It's like a time machine. Nobody I watch has posted here in like over a year, some longer than that.

It seems like I wander off the planet

Only to come back here as though to a life forgotten.

Once again...

Time flies.  Changes will be brought to bear.


Easily Slips away.

Mr. Guy has passed away.

I came home from work today to discover that my Leopard Gecko "Mr. Guy" had passed away during my absence. 

He was a wonderful sweet guy and I will miss him.


My new goal regarding my Mini armies.

I have decided that I must collect and paint armies of Skaven and Tyranids so that when I die I can have them buried with me like the Terracotta soldiers of the First Emperor.

Each army set in full array by my side to defend me in the afterlife (if there is one).  :)


Updated website

I've updated Samsara.  

Amongst some other small updates.


Writer's Block: Proven by Science

Do you believe everything has a scientific explanation?

While we don't yet have "answers" for all "questions," I think that Science is the best means of discovering the real answers to those questions for which there are answers at all.