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Well, after quite a while of doing lots of work on parts of the site that are not finished even as of yet. I have finally gotten my website updated to a new format and even got up the first part of my Samsara story up.

I'm still working on a substantial portion of the background material and other stuff, but I finally felt I had enough done to get the new version of things up.

Please check it out at:

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Well, it's been more then a week and I'm still working on my personal website.  I've been mulling over a few things and reorganizing stuff, hopefully once it is up it will be at least partially cogent enough to form a basis for further work on the stuff I have going on writing, photography and other projects wise.  It will be another few weeks before I have things set up in a manner I think is at least presentable as a work in progress.  It is kind of a mess at the moment and not all of my topics and ideas are fully fleshed out on the web pages yet.  I still have a bunch of cleaning up of my writting to do to make any of it make some amount of sense.  ;) 

I'm not really certain that anyone cares at all or even really pays that much attention to my sporatic activities, but I did feel the need to post something about this.

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I was asked a little while ago to post more pictures of myself and I thought: “sure, cool, I’ll see if I have any that I would not mind posting up.” Now, as a big fat guy, I do have some general issues with my own personal appearance, but overall I don’t obsess about that sort of thing, nor do I have any “oh woe is me I’m so ugly” attitude. I don’t often think about taking pictures of myself, though. So I looked through my photo file and found all of 2. :D Both of which I took as part of participating in “take your picture right now” posts here and on I do know there are a few out there taken by other folks - such as The Metallian - when I’ve been to parties with them, but I’ve not really made it a priority to gather them.


I’ll go ahead and post the one other picture of myself I do have and see about taking more in the future. :)

Oh and by the way, I've been actually working on by website and should have it up in some kind of presentable fashion in a week or so. 
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Saw The Tale of Despereaux . . .

. . . last Night with metallian and mrsmetallian after a wonderful dinner of salmon prepared by mrsmetallian (see the recipe on her journal).  I thought it the film was quite good. The animation was really amazingly well done, I cannot say enough good things about the art design and the character modeling. There were some elements of the plot that were a little cliche, and some bits that were awesome tidbits, but that unfortunately were never followed up on (particularly the bit with the blind mouse). Overall, though, I thought it quite enjoyable.

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Inspired by recent discussions I've had on matters scientific I just wanted to point people to The Science Network.

This is a wonderful organization that promotes science and reason and has some really awesome videos and interviews with leading scientists.

They have an Annual conference called Beyond Belief and I've just watched the vids from the most recent one here. The discussions were very illuminating indeed.

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When you see this, post in your own journal with your favorite quote from The Princess Bride. Preferably not "As you wish" or the Inigo Montoya speech.

"Life is pain Princess, anyone who says differently is selling something."